Inventory Management Services

Upon receiving your inventory, all of the relevant product information (ex. lot numbers and expiry dates) is captured in our WMS.

Inventory accuracy/integrity will be verified through periodic cycle counts, including investigations into stock discrepancies by our inventory and quality auditing teams

At TSG, you will have real-time inventory visibility through a secured web portal access, allowing you to view:

  • Inventory stock quantities and movement
  • Inventory allocated to specific orders
  • Alerts for:
  • Incoming stock/receiving
  • Pre-expiry date
  • Minimum inventory reports (which will notify the client to replenish the SKU if required)

We will manage your damaged, expired, returned, or any other product that deviates from your standards and quarantine those as such by flagging them systematically within our WMS. We will also physically ensure that those flagged items do not go back into active inventory by placing them in a secured, segregated area in our facility.

Stock destruct will be handled on a project basis as per client’s requirements